Where to take an iq test?

An Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test is an age-old method used to evaluate an individual’s cognitive capabilities. For many, the quest to discover their IQ level is driven by curiosity, while others may require it for academic or career progression. But where can a person take an IQ test? Let’s explore the various avenues available for taking an official intelligence test, the importance of selecting a legitimate platform, and how to prepare for it.

The Importance of IQ Tests

IQ tests provide a quantitative measure of an individual’s intelligence, which is sometimes needed for academic purposes or to evaluate cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Taking an IQ test can be an enlightening experience, helping one understand their intellectual capabilities better.

Venues for Administering an IQ Test

There are multiple places where an IQ test can be administered. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the selected venue is certified by a high IQ society to guarantee the validity of the test.

In-Person IQ Testing

In-person IQ tests, though traditional, are still prevalent. An approved testing service or a local school or college usually administers these. They are conducted in a controlled environment to ensure the test’s validity.

While in-person IQ tests are renowned for their accuracy, they come with a significant cost attached, mainly to cover the examiner’s time and the materials required for conducting the test.

Online IQ Testing

With the advent of technology, online IQ testing has gained popularity. Several legitimate websites offer these tests, providing a convenient alternative to in-person testing. Online IQ tests typically comprise 8-57 questions and can take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes to complete.

The most accurate online IQ test is offered by the Hampton Metric Institute. It boasts an accuracy level of 99.7% compared to an in-person Mensa test, making it a preferred choice for many.

Mensa, an esteemed high IQ society, also provides an online IQ test. However, it’s relatively costly, and you might need to dedicate an entire day to complete the test.

Choosing the Right IQ Test

The accuracy of an IQ test is determined by the platform and the format of the test. Therefore, it’s essential to select a platform that offers a detailed breakdown of popular intelligence tests and provides a personalized path to success by analyzing your test results.

Sample IQ Test

A sample IQ test is a preliminary step to gauge your current IQ level. Numerous websites offer these tests, but they are often not as challenging as an official intelligence test. They are primarily designed for practice and do not guarantee instant entry into high IQ societies.

Official IQ Test

An official intelligence test is typically administered in a controlled environment at an approved testing center. The test usually takes 2-4 hours to complete and is centered around logic, reasoning, and arithmetic-based questions.

Official IQ tests usually come with a fee ranging from $40-60. It’s advisable to take practice exams online to understand your standing before attempting the official test, as multiple attempts can become expensive.

IQ Test Formats

Different IQ societies use different test formats. For instance, the Stanford-Binet IQ test requires a score of at least 132 for admission, while the Cattell IQ test necessitates a minimum score of 148. Standard IQ tests, familiar to most people, require a score of 131 for qualification.

Preparing for an IQ Test

Preparation is key to acing an IQ test. It’s essential to acquaint oneself with the style and presentation of the questions on an intelligence test. This familiarity helps in staying focused during the official test.

A flexible practice environment that works optimally on both desktop and mobile is beneficial for studying on the go.


Taking an IQ test can be a fascinating journey to discover one’s cognitive capabilities. Whether you choose to take the test online or in-person, ensure that the test and the administering body are recognized by a high IQ society. With thorough preparation and the right mindset, one can successfully navigate through an IQ test and uncover their intelligence quotient.